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I've been working with De Mercuur since July 2014, much to my satisfaction. The database is up to date, user-friendly and complete. I would also like to emphasise the pleasant and open communication with staff at De Mercuur. They are open to new ideas to further improve the scoring rate. Furthermore, the price/quality ratio is excellent!

Jos van Bommel
Project Manager for the Nether, Icopal

We have been using the De Mercuur building bulletins for some time now. The volume of information is tremendous. The search functions to discover who has already done what and the stage of the project are incredibly good and very well set up. A powerful tool with highly valuable information, accurate and up to date!

Joost Ebels
Business Development Manager, SALTO SYSTEMS

'Tomorrow' is for many sales reps the day to start with acquisition. Since we are using De Mercuur dataservice this excuse does not hold.
The database offers a lot of information on new projects which specifically, from planning phase until assignment, can be selected.

Patrick Royers
Accountmanager Acquisitie, BUVA

Information from the construction industry is critical to our business. Which projects are ongoing, to have an understanding of the construction process, but above all we want to know why we don't score certain projects. De Mercuur building bulletins have for 11 years given us a very good insight in these matters.
The many pleasant years of collaboration with De Mercuur building bulletins have become an indispensable part of the Gira project operation. The communication lines are short, the service is top notch, a pleasure to work with this tool from De Mercuur building bulletins.

Fred van der Snel
Projectmanager, Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co.KG

Sellox is a company with an important social function; providing products for accesscontrol to a safe living and working environment. It is therefore essential for us to have current and accurate information, and for this we have De Mercuur as a very reliable source.

Marten Geertsema
Manager Sales Office, Sellox Security Products

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