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For which construction sectors does De Mercuur publish project information?

We publish information relating to all major residential and non-residential building projects.

In which countries are De Mercuur customers located?

We have subscribers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Switzerland.

Who are De Mercuur building bulletins of interest to?

To companies both in and outside the construction industry. If you are a property developer, urban planner, engineer, architect, project manager, process manager, building supervisor, contractor, consultant, installer or a building materials supplier, then De Mercuur is for you. Our building bulletins also offer added value to other sectors (banking and insurance, ICT, hospitality and catering, facilities, interior design, landscaping, cable companies, lighting, etc.).

How often is De Mercuur published?

De Mercuur is published weekly, except during the summer break in the construction industry and the Christmas holiday.

About which sectors is project information published?

  • Industrial and office buildings
  • Culture
  • Detention
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial buildings
  • Housing
  • Industry
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Traffic
  • Social care
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Infrastructure
  • Combinations of the above sectors

What does De Mercuur offer its subscribers in terms of functionality?

Functionality (of the publications) Regio Select Email Select Web Select
Building bulletins spanning all planning phases
Extensive data
15-year history of projects and market parties -
Online database access -
Automatic email(s) with project information
Filter, selection and export functionality limited
Multi-user lead follow-up/overview - -
User allocation of leads with alert - -
Super user control/direction - -
Recording of customer conversations - -
Send vCard / sales documentation - -
Community function - -
Apple Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab -
Customer Support
Region, province and town/city
Estimate (building costs)
Building stage (all planning phases)
Building information/status
Building type
Project type
Publication date
Construction commencement
Construction time
Completion date
Postal code region
Floor space
Historical changes
Contact details
General contact details
Contact persons
Personal email address /tel. nr.
Licence (quantity) 1 1 5
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