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Mercuur for Internet - Basic Version

Download Mercuur for Internet basic version (version 2.5.4)

The basic version should only be installed if no other Mercuur for Internet software is installed on your PC. To be able to download the latest bulletins you will need a user name and password, which you will receive when you take out a subscription. You can also become acquainted with the program without a password.

Mercuur for Internet - Upgrade Version

The latest upgrade version of Mercuur for Internet (version 2.5.5, dated 9 September 2013)

You should only use this upgrade version if an older version (1.8 to 2.5.4 beta/alpha xx) is already installed on your PC. Installation: Run the mercuur_upgrade.exe file and replace the old files with the new ones.

Mercuur for Internet - Installation instructions

New users: the full Mercuur for Internet software (version 2.5.4) via:Download Mercuur for Internet basic version (version 2.5.4.) (optionally paste in your browser)

Existing users: the Mercuur for Internet software upgrade (version 2.5.4) via: this link (optionally paste in your browser). This upgrade must be installed to be able to retrieve the most recent data.

To enable correct installation, the software should first be downloaded using the above links and saved to your hard disk. Then change the compatibility of the installation files to Windows NT compatibility (service pack 5) or Windows XP (service pack 3).
Run the installation files as administrator and make them accessible to all users of that particular PC (tick the compatibility data boxes for the installation file).

Once the installation is complete, first create a Mercuur for Internet icon on the desktop. To create a Mercuur for Internet desktop icon (yellow helmet + sword) you will need to enter a different compatibility value! Right-click the Mercuur for Internet desktop icon and select Properties. Click the Compatibility Mode tab, select Windows NT compatibility (service pack 5) and (if possible) tick 'Run this program as Administrator'.

The software can now be launched using the Mercuur for Internet icon on the desktop.

In the program, the help function can be activated by pressing F1. If the F1 button does not work straight away, download the help driver (winhlp32.3x) from the Microsoft website and install it. See this link:. You can download and install the appropriate winhlp32.exe file for your Windows platform. The help function will then work again as usual.

Download and install the upgrade version for the most recent functionality add-ons! (make a back-up of all the data files before you start).

Regularly make a back-up of the data directory.

If you require any assistance you can contact us by telephone on +31 (0)70 3010642, or by email.

Mercuur for Internet - System requirements

  • • Minimum recommended requirements: Pentium 2 Ghz with 1 GB main memory.
  • Windows 98/2000/NT/XP/Vista/7/8

If you have not yet installed the Mercuur software you can download and install the full version now.

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